The world of gambling and betting is so exciting that it has influenced the creation of numerous characters in both comics and movies. Maybe that’s why these superheroes and villains fascinate you
There are superheroes and villains of all kinds with the strangest and most unexpected superpowers. Obviously, those who have some connection to the game, poker or the deck cannot be absent and, if none comes to mind yet, here are 5 of them. Get to know them and fall in love with them while you continue playing.
The Joker ( Joker in Mexico) is perhaps the character that first comes to mind. Batman’s staunch enemy is arguably one of the most popular villains created by DC Comics . As you know, the Joker card (joker in Spanish) of the deck is the “joker” card and is usually represented by a jester and it is just the appearance of a clown that our villain adopts in most of the comics and movies. In addition, almost all his misdeeds are done in a mocking way, as if they were simple jokes.
Queen of Hearts
Surely you already know her, because she is the ruler of Wonderland in Lewis Caroll’s novel , a story that has had a lot of adaptations on the big screen. Obviously this character is inspired by the card of the playing cards that bears the same name. She is an arrogant queen with zero tolerance who, in the face of the slightest mistake from any of her lackeys, does not hesitate to order her head cut off. In addition, his faithful army is made up of huge cards with heads, arms and legs.
FacilierIs the main villain of the film The Princess and the Frog (2009) of Disney and although it is not exactly a player of poker , has a real knack for reading the letters and “influences in the hereafter , ” so the playing cards are not missing among its articles. As he is a bit of a cheat and because he has a large debt to pay, he uses his abilities to turn the prince into a toad, and his assistant into the prince to manipulate and keep Mr.LaBouff’s fortune.
The Mole
He was created by Stan Lee and went on to become an iconic Marvel character . His skin is made of rock, he has impressive strength and apart from that he is one of the founders of the Fantastic 4, but why is he on the list? His fans probably already got the idea, because Benjamin Grimm (real name of La Mole ) is a great player and fan of poker , so he is seen playing it in some issues of comics and also in chapters of animated series. His love for this card game is so great that, to celebrate his 13th anniversary since he became the creature he is now, he organized a poker tournament in which other superheroes were present.
This superhero is part of the Marvel universe , being his first appearance in the comic Uncanny X-Men # 266. He has the ability to manipulate kinetic energy at will, so he moves objects without the need to touch them and, in addition, he is very good in close combat. If you’re wondering why on earth we added him to the list, well, it’s because Gambit loves to use cards to throw them like projectiles and that’s why you’ll always see him with a deck in his hands.

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